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In the last article, I’ve explained how our thoughts affect our lives and told you about the 4 Secrets of thoughts. Today we will look at the scientific explanations of how the mind works and using this knowledge, we will focus on how to hack your mind.

First I have to be sincere and admit that I have never excelled in physics. I usually write articles from the top of my head, but today’s article is an exception; I found partial inspiration in the book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenzy.

You can find the source quote at the end of the article, or you can check the book through my affiliate link if you would like to find out more. It’s really very interesting reading about the human mind and how it can be managed, although difficult in places. 🙂

In fact, some people knew how the human mind worked more than a thousand years ago. For example, Marcus Aurelius (b. 121 AD) said, “The happiness of your life depends on the kind of your thoughts.

A scientific explanation of the mind

However, the scientific explanation came with the development of a field called quantum physics. It deals with subatomic particles – protons, neutrons, electrons. I can still dimly recall this from physics. 🙂

As you probably know, the atom consists of a nucleus (protons and neutrons) and electrons orbit around the nucleus. For a long time, scientists thought that the basis of the atom is matter (protons, neutrons, electrons).

Only later did they realize that the atom was made up not only of these particles but also, for the most part, of ‘empty space‘ – energy. While the matter makes up only 0.00001% of the atom, energy makes up 99.9999% of the atom.

Further, the brain generates electrical pulses that can be measured by instruments, such as EEG. These electrical impulses (a form of energy) are called thoughts. So thoughts are energy. Whenever your brain produces an idea, it sends an electrical signal, or energy, to the outside world.

You may be beginning to understand that the energy of our thoughts interacts somehow with the energy in the atoms in the outside world.

You may also remember from Newton’s Third Law that says:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Isaac Newton, 1687

This law also applies to energy. The energy that I send in the form of thought into the outside world will thus trigger the reaction of the atoms, which will send me back the same energy as I sent out.

The power of attention

One more thing intrigued me, although I don’t quite understand it. : -) Quantum physicists in measuring subatomic particles have discovered that the person measuring the particles and thus focusing their attention on them seems to influence them.

Experiments have shown that electrons exist simultaneously in an infinite number of possibilities in an invisible energy field. The moment the scientist focused his attention on the electron, the electron appeared. Say whaaat?

If you dare, you can find out more about it in the online world. Quantum physics calls this phenomenon a “wave function collapse,” or “observer effect“.

I will not say that I fully understand it, but in my opinion, it implies one thing.

Depending on what I focus on, this is also realized.

Basically, it is as if there is a potential for all possible events in your life – the potential to be rich, or poor, the potential to marry and to be alone, the potential to have a job that you enjoy and that annoys you, the potential for being healthy or sick.

Of all these potentials, the one to which you will focus your attention more is realized.

How come it works like that? Attention is also only a certain kind of thoughts, i.e. energy. And what energy you send to the outside world affects what energy comes back to you.

In the last article, we’ve talked about not only the importance of thoughts but also of the emotions, in our life.

Emotions are also energy. So how you feel now determines how you will feel in the future. The emotions you feel and send to the outside world will return to you.

How to hack your mind

So now you know all the important things to “hack your mind”. How exactly to use this knowledge in real everyday life?

Usually, emotions alternate up and down in our lives. All emotions always return with some time delay that you previously sent out.

However, the more you focus on your fears or thoughts that evoke negative emotions within you, the more negative emotions will return to your life – people who are annoyed with you, career or business failure, illness, misfortune, suffering.

Conversely, if you focus your mind on what you want, the thoughts that make you feel good, the more pleasant things will come into your life.

Your current situation is a reflection of what thoughts and emotions you have experienced in the past.

If your life is mostly good, then your thoughts and emotions in the past were mostly good. If you have a lot of troubles and problems in your life, then your unpleasant thoughts and feelings in the past outweighed those pleasant.

So the secret to success is to change your thoughts and feelings BEFORE your life changes.

First, you have to deal with the thoughts that make you happy, first, you have to feel happy, and then people, things and events will come into your life that will make you happy.

Unfortunately, most people do the opposite. They do not understand how the mind works, let themselves be greatly influenced by impulsive thoughts and their surroundings, and wait for the situation to finally improve and become happy.

So now you know how to hack your mind for a happier life. You will find specific steps to get out of this loop and understand what happiness is and how it works in the next few articles. Are you ready to work on your change? 🙂

DISPENZA, Joe. Breaking the habit of being yourself. Hay House, Inc, 2012.

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