Maybe you know rationaly that you want to work on yourself or change something in your life. You are aware of the future benefits that it will bring, but you are not able to force yourself into the work. Today you will learn how to find the right motivation for change.

If the motivation is right and powerful, it can lift us from the chair and make us overcome ourselves and our own comfort.

Motivation is the driving force of everything we do. When motivation is lacking, we tend to use some of the favorite excuses to avoid action. But let’s be honest when we really, really want something, we always find a way to get it, isn’t it? That is the power of motivation.

If you want changes in your life, and yet you are not willing to do something for them, the explanation is simple. Your comfort is stronger than your motivation.

How to find more motivation?

First of all, it is important for you to understand that there are multiple kinds of motivations, both external and internal.

External motivation arises from impulses from the outside and comes either in the form of reward or punishment. In both cases, external motivation means that we often engage in activities that we would not otherwise do.

The fear of not being able to pay my mortgage can keep me in a job that I don’t like. In the same way, I can be kept in this work by the idea of promotion and better earnings or that my family or partner will be proud of me.

Thus neither carrot nor stick is an appropriate motivation.

Moreover, nowadays there are so many external incentives that motivate us to lose the ability to motivate ourselves. We don’t know how to get motivated. Some people completely lose their own initiative and are just waiting for the way life will direct them.

Such a person is passive in life, being carried away by the flow of life and only responding to situations that arise. He does not create its own destiny. He sits in the front passenger seat, while the driver’s seat is empty waiting for what happens to him and hopes the car will not break down on the road somewhere. 🙂

How to move to the driver’s seat?

You need to learn to motivate yourself from within. Internal motivation arises on the basis of human needs and interests. If we have a need, we also have the motivation to meet that need. When I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m tired, I go to sleep.

Similarly, if we are interested in something, we are motivated to pursue this activity. If you are interested in art, then you like to read about art, like to draw or write, you like to go to the gallery. If you are interested in sports, you like to play sports, watch sports on TV or talk about it with a beer. No one and nothing needs to motivate you to pursue these activities, you do it automatically and gladly.

And you have to find that kind of motivation if you want to change something in your life.

How to find motivation for change?

To find more motivation, you need to take two steps:

  • stop believing that you can’t live differently
  • clarify how you really want to live

Perhaps you believe right now that life as you know it cannot be much better. It is necessary to go to work, earn, pay rent or mortgage, it is not possible to earn much more than you have, have more than a few weeks off in a year.

There are a lot of things you would like to have, but you know it’s not reachable for you, or at least not now. Life brings problems, worries, and is not always simple or great.

With these notions of life, you were willing to accept that your life looks the way it looks, and you don’t believe it could be otherwise.

It’s time to change the game plan and create a vision of your life

Knowing what you want and seeing yourself as already having it helps us find the motivation to get it.

Take your time today, put yourself in a comfortable sitting position, close your eyes and think about what your life should look like if there were no obstacles or limits.

Imagine what you would do with your life if you didn’t have to make money. If you did not have to meet the expectations of your family, friends, boss, partner or anyone else. If you were not restricted by your education or work experience.

Create your dream life

What would make you really happy? What kind of work would you be willing to get up every morning and look forward to? Would you like to go to the office, be a manager or specialist, farmer, ride an excavator, be a clown in a circus, do business, work with people, numbers, travel and write a blog, write in a newspaper or paint?

Imagine where you live, is it a city, a suburb or village? Do you live in a house or an apartment? Is it your property or just renting it because you often travel or like changing places?

Do you live alone or with someone? Do you have a partner or are you single? If you have a partner, what is he or she like? How do you spend your time? How does he or she treat you?

Also, how many friends do you have, how often do you meet? How much time do you spend with your family?

What things do you want to do in your life, even if you do it for free?

Make a concrete vision of your life. If this is something you really want, it must necessarily motivate you. When you imagine this life of yours, you should feel true joy and desire within you.

If you don’t feel this motivation, then:

  1. Maybe your current life is quite satisfying in the end, and you don’t want big changes. Maybe you just need to work on one or two areas that currently bother you. In that case, create a vision only for this area of your life, without much interference in the rest of your life.
  2. You do not enjoy and frustrate your life, but at the same time, no vision can fill you with motivation. In that case, you have either not created a vision that corresponds to your inner desires. Or it is possible that you have no problem with motivation, but negations in your mind, or lack of energy in the root chakra that prevents you from experiencing the joy of life in general. In this case, I recommend a personal consultation.

Working with a vision does not stop there

Take your vision for some time and make it tangible. The concrete form is up to you. I have some inspirational suggestions for you:

a) create a vision board where you can put pictures, motivational slogans, quotes, postcards and everything that evokes pleasant emotions in you,

b) write everything in your diaries, colorfully describe each area of your life, or attach drawings or pictures,

c) create your dream photo book, either entirely by hand or online on the internet;

d) make a beautiful box in which you will put all the pictures you like.

No matter how you depict your vision, learn to read and watch it again, read through it at least once a week, and above all experience the pleasant feelings that your vision evokes in you. Maintain your motivation and desire to improve your life.

Now tell me – if this is the life you want, how much are you willing to work on yourself to live that life? How willing are you to invest time in reading, podcasts, videos and working on yourself? How much would you be willing to pay money to learn all you need to create such a life?

What now?

You already know how to get motivated. It is important that you do not make one of the two fundamental mistakes that will put most people trying to motivate themselves internally.

  1. The first major mistake is that you start chasing those beautiful cars, houses and other things you have dreamed of. It wouldn’t be long before you started feeling bad because you don’t have your dream life right now. As soon as you reach a goal, you feel a momentary joy that will disappear after a while because the brain tends to adapt. Suddenly you live in a beautiful house and after a few months you will find out that you are not really happy about it anymore.
  2. The second major mistake is that you can’t believe that you could live such a life. Maybe some lucky man from a wealthy family, but certainly not you. If you maintain this belief, then you will never fulfill the potential of your life. Isn’t that a scary idea? Do you really want to voluntarily give up all of the possibilities that life has to offer only because of the false belief you have developed during your life?

In both cases, it is essential that you change your mindset. How? So you will learn in other articles.

  • Don’t waste your life, happiness doesn’t wait
  • The worst mistake you can make is not to believe in yourself

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