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Every day we experience a wide range of emotions. Sometimes pleasant, but sometimes also unpleasant. Most of us would certainly like to avoid the unpleasant ones. But how can you control your emotions? And what are the consequences if we don’t control our emotions?

Our emotions have a much bigger impact than we think. The emotions you experience are not only affecting you at the moment but above all, they are very powerful energy that you send to your surroundings.

As I explain in a moment, where you direct your energy has a strong impact on your life. Yet very few people are able to control their emotions. And that’s why so many people are unhappy and experience a life they don’t want.

But let’s go back to the beginning.

The fact is that the whole universe works on the basis of energy, and I do not mean it in any spiritual sense, but purely physical.

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These articles explain how our thoughts and emotions work. Thoughts and emotions are a form of energy, and if we learn to control it, only then we can have our lives under control.

So how to control your emotions?

Awareness and mind

Think of your awareness as a light ball that can move freely. Now think of the mind as a vast place full of different areas – love, hate, jealousy, sex, technology, food, car and many more.

If my awareness moves to the area of ​​happiness, the light ball will light up that area and I will begin to perceive the thoughts and emotions of that area. I feel happy. Does that mean I’m happy? No, only my attention is in the field of happiness.

Then when my awareness moves to another area, I start paying attention to the thoughts and emotions of that part of the brain. Let’s imagine that my awareness shifts to the area of ​​rage, does that mean I’m angry? No, only my awareness is in this part of the mind.

When my awareness moves to the area of ​​a wedding, summer vacation, or first kiss, it will probably make us feel good. If I focus my awareness on unpleasant experiences such as death, divorce, separation, firing, failure, I will experience discomfort.

When I stay with my awareness for a long time in the field of happiness, I will live a happy life. But when my long-term focus is on rage, frustration, or misfortune, my life will be full of that.

So your current life is only a reflection of what you have paid attention to in the past.

If you want to control your emotions, your task is to learn to control your awareness.

Power of will

The good news is that each of us has a tool in us to control our attention. This tool is willpower. Thanks to it, I can deliberately shift my awareness to those areas I want.

Close your eyes and remember the last wedding you went to. Who got married? How many guests came? At what point did the wedding take place? Did they have good food? How was the music? Did the bride suit her dress?

And what if you remember the person who last died? Do you miss him? Were you close? What was the funeral atmosphere? Was the coffin open? Has there been cremation? How did you feel on the funeral day?

As you can see, it’s not hard to shift your awareness to where you want. The problem is that only a few use this tool.

I asked you a few questions and you probably allowed me to determine to what area of ​​your mind your awareness shifted (wedding/funeral). Yet during this day you probably did not remember this event at all and if it were not for me, you would not even think about it.

What we do with our awareness all-day

And that’s what most people do every day. They respond to the stimuli in their surroundings and shift their awareness to where the surroundings direct them.

You get up in the morning and look at the phone. Your attention is automatically directed depending on your notification.

But these first few minutes after waking up can affect the development of your whole day. If you get on a good wave, you will have a good day. If you get on the wrong wave, your day will get worse and worse. Each of us has had such days where anything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong, right?

That’s not all, as soon as you walk out the door and get in a car or other means of transport, your awareness is immediately affected by the surrounding cars, people and traffic jams. You come to work, and your colleagues, the boss, and the work itself demand your attention.

And that’s how it works all day. Most of the time we are only reactively acting and we are not even aware of what we are devoting our energy to. Sometimes you laugh at work and sometimes get mad again, but little you do that consciously.

We are not conscious masters of our awareness, but we simply let ourselves be passive. As a result, we experience a whole mixture of feelings, thoughts, and memories throughout the day. And because we pay attention to the things that come to us, we attract another similar experience to our lives.

A simple rule applies.

What we invest in our daily attention and emotions manifests in our lives.

The power of awareness

Imagine that you have a garden in which are planted seeds of beautiful flowers, but also weeds. If you water your garden every day what will grow, flowers or weeds?

Both will grow. This is because water cannot distinguish between “good” and “bad” and will, therefore, nourish all the seeds.

The same way it works for energy. If I take my energy (in the form of attention, thoughts, and emotions) and invest it in something negative, it will grow in my life.

If I invest energy in something positive, it will grow in my life.

Like water, energy is not able to distinguish between good and bad. So your only task is to learn how to handle your own energy correctly. If you succeed, you can have anything you want in your life.

How to control your emotions and why

Your task is not to control your emotions, but to control your awareness. Emotions are only a consequence of our thoughts and of which parts of our mind we pay attention to.

What we pay attention to and our emotions do have a direct impact on our lives. It is therefore worth investing time and learning to consciously manage your awareness.

If you want to change your life, you need to start paying attention to the things that you want.

The problem for most people is that they expect their lives to change, yet they keep thinking the same way. First, there must be a change in your awareness, and only then will the real-world change.

The good news is that you can start changing your awareness right now. And more about how you can train your awareness and fulfill any wish, we will reveal in the next article.

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