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Many scientists, celebrities and outstanding geniuses have long agreed that happiness is a state of mind. I have no doubt that you have heard of the power of thought, positive thinking or affirmations at least once in your life. In bookstores, you will find entire departments dealing with these topics, hundreds of blogs, podcasts, articles and videos on the Internet. Yet many of us still don’t know and ask ourselves and others: how to be happy?

Only a small part of people really have their minds under control. How many of us can really work with our emotions and manage our lives? Which of us can attract the right people to life? The right opportunities, the ideal job, partner, home, more money, and all that almost everyone wants? Yes, these are all the skills of a well-trained mind.

At the moment, I have some fundamental questions for you.

  • Are you really happy in your life?
  • Do you have everything you want?
  • Do you wake up every morning full of enthusiasm and enjoy your day to the fullest?

You may think that problems and discomfort are part of life. Not so. But…

Happiness needs work

The main reason, however, that most people do not experience a good mood every day, and do not fulfill many of their dreams, is that learning to control their thoughts and emotions costs a certain amount of work, time and effort.

No success is for free. Professional tennis players work hard every day on the courts and spend weekends in local tournaments from their youth. Successful surgeons have been sweating over thick coughs for years and have to pass dozens of tests.

And just as the most renowned cook has to work his way up from washing dishes and scraping potatoes to the chef, so must people gradually learn to perceive their thought patterns, learn how to transform them and gradually become master of their thoughts.

But the result of such an effort is life that is worth the effort and hours of work.

Not only can you bring your dreams to life – whether it’s a dream car, a job, a partner or a holiday with your friends – but above all you feel really great and happy every day.

Isn’t that a dream of each of us? Isn’t that the answer to the question of how happy you are looking for?

My way to happiness

I have been working on my development for several years. Especially in the last year and a half, I was able to apply the learned knowledge and fundamentally change my life for the better. It cost me to read dozens of books, watch countless videos, write so many notes that it would be enough for a new book and especially hours and hours of ass sitting and self-reflection.

You could take the same path as me. But given the abundance of literature and resources available, it is difficult to find your way through it and get started. The result is that only a few of us begin our own path of development. And if so, this effort is often ineffective and few endure.

That’s why I come up with tools and advice that can make your journey to happiness easier and faster.

But don’t expect that in a month you will have all that you desire. Each of us needs to do a different amount of work. But if you do your best now, you can live another life in half a year or a year. And feel like a new person. The person you always wanted to be.

Development means change. Do you want a change?

The alternative is that you will continue to live your life as before and nothing will change. And you will still ask yourself – how to be happy? How to be happy?

Maybe now you don’t experience any big dramas in your life and you are quite satisfied – you have a good job, relationship, friends, hobbies and you live a relaxed life.

But if you know it’s just a temporary condition, and over time something goes wrong anyway, don’t let yourself be lulled by your current passivity.

If at the end of your life you may regret missing a goal, you have not fulfilled everything you wanted and your life was not as wonderful as you imagined, make a decision to do something about it.

Unfortunately, most of us do not decide to make any fundamental change until it suddenly falls to the bottom. After a heavy breakup, fired from work, the loss of a loved one, or in the face of life-threatening illness.

For some of us, it is a long-term frustration that makes us think and start making fundamental changes in our lives. Meanwhile, we have lost valuable years in our lives.

For me, the biggest scarecrow and constant impulse to make changes was the idea that I would live a life that is perceived by society as “normal” today.

From work to home and the next day again to work, which I do not particularly enjoy. Live for those few days of weekends and public holidays, and once a year at least for a few days on vacation. A relationship in which we love each other, but my partner is far from resembling my ideal husband. In the worse case, it is just habit, inertia and we live as two roommates. A couple of times a week to crumble with my friends and complain about the life of the ungrateful I raise, live and dress. 🙂

Give yourself a chance to live differently

When you see, hear, and perceive that this is what a “normal” life is supposed to look like from a young age, you probably don’t even think it might be different.

Maybe even once in a while, you will hear such a quiet voice – I could travel, I would like to write a book, I wish to have my own business, I hate getting up in the morning, I would like to work 4 hours a day.

Whatever it is, we will eventually wipe the voice out with a sweep of our hand. Because that’s not how it’s done, it doesn’t work in life and in the world like this, does it? Yet this voice tells you how to be happy.

Every day you get a new opportunity to embark on a new, more challenging journey with a better view. Most of us, however, decide to continue their comfortable journey without a view, just to avoid a difficult climb.

Don’t wait for some trouble in your life, or be willing to accept that your life is “fine”. Come and experience the greatest life you can imagine!

PS. Do you still have many reasons why you can’t pursue personal development? In that case, don’t miss the next article where you’ll read about the most common excuses we give ourselves, and I’ll tell you how you can overcome them.

Please, help me grow this blog <3

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