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In fact, there is quite a simple guide on how to achieve all your dreams and has been spreading among people all over the world for thousands of years. Over the past couple of decades, this secret has begun to spread to even more and more people, because now we have the Internet, books, and TV and so information flow at an immense speed.

Even though the advice is quite simple, most people can’t stick to it and they won’t change their lives. Those who did, however, lived their lives to their liking. Will you become one of them?

In the last article, we talked about how and why to control your emotions. We came to the surprising conclusion that we should not try to control our emotions but our attention. Today we will explain more about how to use the power of attention to achieve your dreams.

The power of attention

From the last article, we know that attention is a form of energy. Where we direct our energy decides what will manifest in our lives.

Energy cannot recognize what is good and bad for us. So if I think about having a lot of money all day, I will have more and more money. If I think all day long that I have little money, I will have less and less money.

If I think of nice things all day and experience pleasant feelings, it will attract more nice and pleasant things into my life. And vice versa. If I think of problems all day long, people who annoy me, their shortcomings, disagreements at home or at work and the like, I attract other unpleasant events and experiences to my life.

As you may know, our attention usually flies back and forth throughout the day and we do not have much control over it. And this is the fundamental mistake people make and why they don’t have control over their lives.

The secret to all success is to learn to control your attention. Your attention is a mysterious ingredient to achieving your dreams. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But not everything that is easy to say is easy to do.


How many of you were said in your childhood that you should concentrate? At school, writing homework, training, etc. And how many of you are telling your children to focus?

Paradoxically – did anyone ever show you how to concentrate? And did you show it to your children?

Never mind, so let’s take it from the ground up. What is concentration/focus? It is the ability to keep your attention on one thing for a longer period of time.

And as they say, training makes perfect. The more you do something, the better you are.

But now think again about how often you trained to concentrate in your childhood? How often do you train it now?

What people really train every day is how to be distracted. Not two hours, not five hours, but maybe sixteen hours a day.

Our attention flies from phone to people, to work, back to phone, to food, to work, to our spouse or children, back to phone, back to work, and so on. At a lighting speed, we switch between our thoughts from one topic to another.

How would we play the piano if we were to play the piano for sixteen hours a day for a month, or for a year? Now imagine that you have been training your distractions for years or decades.

Therefore, you need to start training your concentration. If you learn to concentrate without being constantly distracted, you can start focusing on the things you want to manifest in your life.

How to achieve your dreams

Now you understand that it is crucial to be able to work with your attention. But how can you use it correctly to manifest in your life what you desire?

There is one more thing you need to know to achieve your dreams.

In every book on the power of thought, you will find instructions that you have to think about what you want. Yes, it is true, being able to focus your mind on your wishes and not letting your attention jump back and forth is a big part of a successful manifestation.

However, I have a piece of surprising information for you.

Maybe you already have some experience with the manifestation. Have you noticed that what you think and wish does not always come true?

The most important thing in manifestation is not what we think about, but above all how we feel about it.

Observe your feelings

You can think of your dream car all day long, but if you do not experience any feelings, you will never attract it to your life.

Conversely, if you simply feel wonderful without thinking of any specific wishes, you will attract all the positive things to your life. And maybe your wish will be fulfilled just by “accident”.

Suppose your love life is not what you would like, with or without a partner. This causes constant dissatisfaction and discomfort to most people.

But I’ll tell you something. If you keep on thinking that your love life is worth nothing, it will continue to be worth nothing. If you feel unhappy and frustrated about it most of the time, you will stay unhappy and frustrated most of the time.

Your task is to first change your attention (therefore you need to learn how to control your attention and awareness) and choose some other things in your life that make you happy.

It can be your home, children, great work or business, or you can be grateful for just being healthy, having both hands and feet. Choose something you are really satisfied with already and start focusing on it.

That is the secret of how to achieve all your dreams.

Become the master of your life

Think from the morning about things that make you happy in your life. If you are confronted with something that tends to throw you down, I want you to go to the bathroom or somewhere in private and return to your positive wave again.

You must not be derailed from your positive settings at any cost.

Your task is to stay in this positive setting from morning to evening. Keep an eye on your feelings and thoughts. If your attention begins to move in the wrong direction, direct it again to something positive.

If you stay in this setting for a few days, you will begin to notice changes in your life.

With this setting, everything in your life will start to change for the better, including your love life. Maybe your partner will start to behave better. If you are alone, you may finally meet someone interesting.

There are countless ways in which your love life can improve. I won’t tell you exactly what happens, but if you keep your positive settings, I can guarantee that the change will happen.

And since the partnership is one of the most important human themes and a lot of people are dissatisfied with their love life, I am already preparing a brand new section on partner relationships.

In it, we will discuss how the partnership works, how to start a relationship correctly and how to maintain it and, above all, how to correctly set the mind for a harmonious relationship.

Please, help me grow this blog <3

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