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In the last article, we discussed how self-confidence is built and how you can increase it. You could also read why the image you have created over the years has a major impact on your life. In today’s article, we will go deeper into this topic of mindset and look at how the thoughts actually work.

Before you start reading this article, make sure that nothing will disturb you and that you will read the article to the end. This article has the potential to change your life if you make the most of it. It’s also a great idea to return to the article in the coming weeks and think about it repeatedly.

The time has come to tell you my favorite story.

Luck or Bad Luck

One day a young strong mare wandered to the farm where the old farmer and his son lived. Since the mare didn’t belong to anyone, the farmer decided to keep it. All neighbors from the village gathered and admired the young mare. “You’re so lucky!” They said. But the farmer shrugged and said, “luck or bad luck who knows.”

A few days later his son decided to drive the mare. During the brisk ride, however, he fell off her back and broke both legs. All the neighbors rushed to the farmer’s home and began to regret his son. “You are unlucky!” The old farmer shrugged and said, “luck or bad luck, who knows.”

A month later, war broke out in the country. A regiment of soldiers dragged the region and took all young men from each village. But the farmer’s son, with two legs broken, was nothing valid, so they left him at home. The women of the village wept for their men, and to the farmer, they said: “you are so lucky!” But the farmer only said, “luck or bad luck, who knows.”

First Secret of Thoughts

People tend to get an opinion about all people, things, and events immediately. They divide things into good and bad, things they love and don’t like.

Evaluating things and making an opinion about them gives us a sense of security. It gives us the feeling that we know the world and know how it works. But in fact, we are causing a lot of trouble for ourselves.

In the article How not to waste your life? You’ll be surprised! (if you have not read, I recommend reading), we discussed how two people can perceive the same situation quite differently. You can interpret the glass as half full or half empty.

It’s amazing how our thoughts work and how much they affect our lives. Think again: The situation is still the same, but as you interpret the situation in your thoughts, it will decide how you feel about it.

Example: Break up, firing, loss … these things are negative. But what if firing will be an impulse for your own business or a better job offer?

If I look at the firing as something negative, I will worry about it. However, looking at it as a challenge and an opportunity to improve my life even further, even if it takes a difficult time in the short term, it gives me the motivation and desire to try.

Secret no. one: Different thoughts can be made about the same situation.

Second Secret of Thoughts

Every day a person has 60,000-80,000 thoughts, ie between 2,500-3,300 thoughts in one hour. Many of the thoughts take place on the subconscious level, or so fast that we can’t even realize them.

However, we can say for sure if we’ve just had thoughts pleasant or unpleasant for us, depending on how we feel – pleasant or unpleasant.

Therefore your thoughts determine the quality of your life.

Secret no. two: Thoughts influence how we feel.

Third Secret of Thoughts

Thoughts and emotions are not tangible, yet they exist. Thoughts and emotions can be captured and measured using medical instruments. So what form do thoughts and emotions have when they are not tangible but can be captured?

Thoughts and emotions take the form of energy and have a certain frequency.

In the next article, we will explain everything from a more scientific point of view, today I want to explain first of all how your thoughts affect your life. For now, accept the premise that thoughts are energy and have a frequency.

If I have thoughts with a certain frequency, then I send (specifically the brain) that frequency to the outside world.

Frequencies that are the same or very similar attract each other.

What do I attract?

It’s not just me who sends out frequencies to the world, so do other people. So first of all, I will always attract people who have thoughts at a frequency similar to mine.

But thoughts are not the only thing in the world that has a frequency. All things in the outside world have certain energy at a certain frequency. The frequency of our thoughts will thus attract material things that have a similar frequency.

We don’t only attract people and material things to over lives, but also events and situations. How? The events that take place in our lives give rise to certain thoughts and feelings. To keep the universe in balance, it will bring events to life that will keep our thoughts at the same frequency as we have now. Similar attracts similar.

It is a simple law – the frequency that I send to the world through my thoughts will also come back to me. In the form of people, things and events. That’s the law of attraction.

So another important piece of knowledge about how thoughts work is that I create my future through thinking in the presence.

Secret no. three: Thoughts affect the people, things and events we have in life.

Fourth Secret of Thoughts

Fortunately, not all of our thoughts that come to mind are also realized in the form of people, things and events. Can you imagine if it worked like that? It would be a nice madhouse!

The universe knew what it was doing and set the fuse. Once you understand how this policy works, you will be able to draw anything you want into your life. Are you ready?

The policy is that only those ideas that have really strong energy are realized. This energy is our emotions.

If we put strong energy into our thoughts, at a certain frequency, in the form of our emotions, we will surely attract that thing into our lives. Isn’t that amazing? So in life, we can have whatever we want if we think of it with strong emotions!

The only problem is that the universe cannot tell if thoughts and emotions are positive or negative. Whether we think and experience good or bad things, the universe will send it to our lives.

And because most people do not knowingly control their thoughts or feelings, they often attract things they don’t want at all!

Secret no. four: The power of our emotions determines which thoughts are realized and which are not.

What does this mean for your life?

Emotions decide what happens to you in your life. But emotions are determined by our thoughts, the way we evaluate everything, and how we think about things.

So if you want to live life to your liking, you made the first step. Now you know how your thoughts work. The next step is to learn how to manage your thoughts and thus your emotions.

For many people, the things I talked about today are pretty abstract, or even incredible. 🙂 It was hard for me to really understand these things and believe them until I learned how to use them in my own life.

Therefore, in the next article, we will look at how all these things work scientifically – all these phenomena can be physically explained.

Summary: How thoughts work

  1. Different thoughts can be made about the same situation.
  2. Thoughts influence how we feel.
  3. Thoughts affect people, things and events we have in life.
  4. The power of our emotions determines which ideas are realized and which are not.

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