Welcome to The Mind Temple! This Blog is full of inspiration and motivation for fresh mindsets that result in a happier and more fulfilling life.

I have first found out about the power of the mind when I was eighteen and got immediately hooked. But it took me many years to truly understand how the mind works and to start using it in my own good.

First I wanted to learn about the power of the mind to accomplish my own dreams and goals. The more I learnt, the more I wanted to know more about other subtopics of personal development as well. I’ve started to meditate, do yoga, and became more sensitive to energies in and outside of my body. In the end, personal development became something much bigger, than I’ve expected.

I’ve understood that personal development is the only true path to a better life.

Over time my relationships became better, as did my financial situation. I’ve started to travel more, got many new wonderful friends, and foremost I’ve changed my perception of life and the world itself.

This blog is another of my dreams, coming true. It’s my way of making this world a better place. My way of helping others to live a better life. This has now become my mission.

I think there must be many things done in the world. We are facing many types of crises. If we want to be successful and resolve them, we have to become united. We need to face all these fundamental ecological and political questions together.

That can only be done if each and one of us put aside the ego and become more loving and cooperating being.

Everyone is responsible for his own change though. However, what is good for one is good for the whole world.

So if you decide to work hard on your mindsets, not only you will benefit from it, but the whole world. The more loving and happy people there will be, the better will this world function, the better we will treat the whole planet we live on.

So I wish you to find on this blog whatever you are looking for or whatever it is that you need right now to enhance your life. And if you want to change your life in a really great way, you are very welcome to get in touch with me and I will guide you on the path.

I wish you a wonderful happy life, full of beautiful moments and fulfilling memories.